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First and foremost ilI’ like to introduce myself before I proceed. thanks. My name is Jerry blog and I hail from Imo State I obtain my first school living certificate in the year 2008 and then proceeded to get my degree from 2014-2019 it supposed to be 2018 but due to some unforeseen circumstances I now finished 2019 to God be the glory and honor be to him alone. Is not an easy task to complete my program shaa you know what I mean (lol). So my dear you know must of us was not Born with a sliver spoon. So we need to understand the situation on ground and forch ahead. So my dear in every situation you found your self take it and continue to do your best. hope this post is useful thanks.

One of the things that make building collapsed in Nigeria is bcoz of lack of good materials. Most of the things engineers uses in the building are not supposed to be use. In the DPC level they don’t put Dame prove course. To prevent rising Dame and what we called dame prove mainbrain to suspend the whole rising Dame and collapsing of building in Nigeria.

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